Project scope

Editorial Design, Branding, Cover Design


SID Magazine is a contemporary menswear print publication based in London and Los Angeles, first published on 11.11.11.

With a legacy of rakish rebelliousness and stylish subversion SID Magazine is driven by collaboration with each project passed, parlour game style, between stylist, photographer and designer.

SID’s unconventional approach to publishing unlocks a horizon of unexpected creativity.


SID’s post pandemic issue offered a jump-off point from the ubiquitous new normal of digital media and revelled the in the tactile physicality of all things print.

The newspaper format was selected to evoke a sense of familiarity and the nostalgia of magazine pages pinned on bedroom walls.

Guest photographer Filip Koludrovic told visual tales of three cities that inspired him creatively and personally. To articulate Filip’s vision we created three alternate covers featuring each of the locations, transporting the reader from Belgrade to London and Rio de Janeiro.

The unbound, non-stapled newspaper meant that the journey through the cities could be reordered by the reader who became the final collaborator in the creation of the magazine.


The issue sold out within an hour of launch and a reprint was ordered. Our work together helped to attract sponsorships with fashion brands and increased interest in collaborations from a multitude of disciplines from photographers, collage artists to model agencies.

We are honoured to have been early adopters of SID’s collaborative game of consequences and to have co-created a unique catalyst for creativity and self-expression.