Project scope

Brand & identity, Website design, Zine, A1 screen-printed poster design, Packaging design


Siena Barnes draws with paintbrushes. Her trademark large-scale Indian ink panels scroll through the shadow side of the information age. Horror, porn and headlines converge in a click-bait hell where opposing ideas share the same timeline. Siena has exhibited in Europe, is collected internationally and is currently collaborating with Japanese fashion legends Hysteric Glamour.

Photography by Hysteric Glamour


Siena’s work is demanding. It demands reverence and the very best opportunities that the world has to offer. Siena’s online presence was impersonal and needed to be infused with the same uniqueness that characterises her artwork.


The identity design for Siena showcases the iconic drip that seeps across her paintings, where meaning falls apart and the ink takes on a life of its own. We felt that the drip was a definitive characteristic of Siena’s artwork and found ways to translate this through the design of her identity and digital applications.

The website structure was inspired by Google – Siena’s preferred method of searching for reference material. The 'Click bait' page is an interactive and digital exhibition of Siena’s clever phrases and love of wordplay.


The website allowed Siena to capitalise on her collaboration with Hysteric Glamour, generating international sales through the online store. The print campaign of zine and fold out poster gave Siena a physical foot into the doors of the world’s most exclusive galleries.

‘Studio ATOF got to grips with my brand straight away and found ingenious ways to distil my artwork into a simple visual language that packs a big punch. They were with me every step of the way and I have received nothing but positive feedback on the site since. I recommend Studio ATOF to anyone who will listen!’
Siena Barnes